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Hauschild SpeedMixer® Proudly Mixes with the Following Partners

The following companies offer systems or devices that combine with the Hauschild SpeedMixer® to enhance the mixing process.

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Robotic integration of the Hauschild SpeedMixer® takes the power of DAC mixing to new heights. With direct data capture from the automated platform, samples can be tracked from input, through the DAC mixing process, to output, and results easily viewed from anywhere in the world.

Automated systems can safely load and unload the mixer, minimizing user interaction and human error, and with continuous operation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, staff are free to be able to focus on other more useful tasks, such as the analysis of the rich data drawn from the system.

For highly repetitive workflows, where the loading and unloading of the Hauschild SpeedMixer® can become taxing, the ability to simply press ‘start’ and let the system process the batch of samples can be game changing.

TIDAS System Integration for Measuring Granularity

In certain applications, Hauschild SpeedMixer® machines perform a process called grinding. After the mixing/grinding step, a standard Quality Control process often involves measuring the granularity of a pigment, paste or coating. The Labman TIDAS system is the perfect combination tool in your lab, as TIDAS automates the analysis of a wide range of samples using a Hegman gauge. Fineness of grind is determined automatically and objectively, removing operator variation and ensuring reproducibility.

To learn more about automating the Hauschild SpeedMixer® or about the unique TIDAS system, please visit Labman Automation.

In Germany, you can request more information about the TIDAS system directly from your Hauschild SpeedMixer® sales representative.

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marco Systemanalyse und Entwicklung GmbH is a provider of high performance dispensing systems based on piezo technology. The product range features fast valve modules with electronic controllers for solving challenging microdispensing tasks.

The marco piezoceramic drive provides high switching speeds for dispensing tasks requiring utmost precision and covering very varied industrial manufacturing applications.

• UV adhesive dispensing
• Hot melt dispensing
• Underfill for semiconductor packaging
• Silicone with phosphorous fillers for LED assembly
• Solder paste for PCB/FPC assembly
• 2-Component dispensing
• Lubricants (oil and grease) dispensing

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For pharmacies that produce prescriptions or formulate medicine for their customers themselves, the homogeneous and reproducible mixing of active ingredient components is extremely important. Whether ointments, pastes, creams, powders, tinctures etc., the individual mixtures should be produced quickly, safely and hygienically.

The Compounders Group (TCG) has listed Hauschild Engineering as a supplier, thus making the market-leading Hauschild SpeedMixer® available to TCG members at attractive conditions.

The group was founded by several prominent compounding pharmacists and has grown into a purchasing association for compounding pharmacists all over US. The TCG membership consists entirely of independent pharmacies from across the country whose objective is to obtain discounts not available to individuals on products and services, including chemicals, supplies, shipping rates, & lab testing services.

To learn more about The Compounders Group, please visit the TCG website.