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Hauschild Engineering presents the new DAC 150.3 and the brand-new DAC 250.3

Hauschild Engineering presents the new DAC 150.3 and the brand-new DAC 250.3

The new series is now available in Europe and soon worldwide.

As a specialist in mixing solutions, Hauschild offers a broad product portfolio to solve your mixing problems. Today, theHauschild SpeedMixer® series supports hundreds of companies in the development and manufacture of bubble-free mixing joints in a few seconds.

After more than twenty years and more than 4000 machines sold worldwide, theHauschild SpeedMixer® DAC 150.1 will be discontinued. It is not easy to improve such a good machine, but we did it.

Our R&D team has developed a new series that improves the safety and performance of the previous version and, with the DAC 250.3, fills the gap in the 250g mixing range.

The DAC 150.3 and DAC 250.3 series offer new and improved electrical, electronic and mechanical functions.

  • New, user-friendly color display and encoder for quick navigation between the various menus
  • Five programs to save the working parameters
  • Menu available in five languages
  • Mixing in cartridges and syringes possible
  • New 115V-230V switching power supply, no external adapter required
  • Stronger and more reliable motor that ensures better performance and an even longer life
  • New, more precise unbalance sensor that makes the new Hauschild SpeedMixer® even safer
  • New variable setting of the acceleration and deceleration ramps for improved performance
  • Simpler transport lock on the back of the machine
  • CE certified
  • UL certification available upon request

The new, functional design of the Hauschild SpeedMixer® makes it what makes the machines from Hauschild stand out: a high-precision tool.

"Quality made in Germany" has the highest priority at Hauschild, because every single machine is handcrafted. Particular attention is paid to every production step right from the design of the machines up to commissioning.

For inquiries about the DAC 150.3 / 250.3 series, please contact us at info@speedmixer.de.

For further technical data please follow the link.