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Hauschild SpeedMixer® & Marco dispensing systems: a perfect mix of technologies

Hauschild SpeedMixer Inc in Dallas/Texas and Marco System Analysis & Development, LLC in San Diego/California have started a sales cooperation. Marco is the exclusive distributor for Hauschild SpeedMixer® devices and accessories in California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington and Mexico. As Hauschild SpeedMixer® and Marco dispensing systems are both technology leaders in their fields, this cooperation is a perfect mix of technologies and a two in one go for customers.

Dallas/TX. June, 16, 2021. - When mixing substances in labs and for small production units is on the agenda, the “original Hauschild SpeedMixer®” is the device technicians most frequently turn to. The scenarios in which this centrifugal mixer finds use are as varied as the product worlds involved: It can mix different liquids and pastes, pastes with powders, one powder with another and various combinations of liquids and powders. Even materials with different chemical and physical properties can be mixed to form new products. Epoxy resins, lacquers, paints, silicones, oils, gels, emulsions, creams, epoxides, powders, urethanes ... the list goes on.

Next step after mixing: dispensing

After the perfect mix of ingredients, the powder, fluid or whatever the result may be, must be dispensed. With the new cooperation of Hauschild SpeedMixer Inc and Marco System Analysis and Development customers now have easy access to the high performance dispensing systems based on Marco’s own piezo ceramic technology – and Marco as exclusive distributor for Hauschild SpeedMixer® devices and accessories has a perfect bundle of technologies to satisfy its customers.

Hauschild SpeedMixer Inc. CEO Americas Davide Davi says: “Marco and Hauschild have complementary products in several industries. By working together, we will be able to leverage both, our technical knowledge in dispensing and mixing as well as our customer networks. I am excited to have formalized our cooperation in the US and Mexico, a successful collaboration that has been already in place for several projects worldwide for several months.”

More: www.hauschild-speedmixer.com and www.marco.de. Hauschild YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs9jdLhro1rPgRZ3Lr Nu1A/videos


Marco System Analysis & Development, LLC in San Diego/California is exclusive distributor for Hauschild SpeedMixer® devices and accessories in some US States and Mexico

About Hauschild Engineering:

The family-owned company Hauschild Engineering employs around 40 people and has been developing and producing the Hauschild SpeedMixer® at its headquarters in Hamm/Germany since 1974, selling it directly or with partners all over the world.

The original Hauschild SpeedMixer® offers perfect mixing results from a few grams or milliliters up to ten kilograms or sixteen liters. The machines are mostly used in laboratories that mix substances as part of their research and development work, as well as by companies that require small batch mixes for quality assurance.

Within few minutes, different liquids can be mixed with pastes or powders, pastes with powders, powders with powders, and substances with different chemical and physical properties - all without the use of stirring tools. The Hauschild SpeedMixer®, including all components, are manufactured according to a highest quality standards - made in Germany.

USA distributor contact details of Hauschild Engineering:
Hauschild SpeedMixer Inc. 13661 Jupiter Dr, Suite 300
Dallas, Texas 75238, USA
Mr. Davide Davi (CEO Americas)
Phone: (877)SPDMXER
Fax: (469)581-9981
Web: www.hauschild-speedmixer.com
eMail: info.us@hauschild-speedmixer.com


Press Contact:
Mareike Boccola
Hauschild GmbH & Co KG (Hauschild Engineering) 
Waterkamp 1, 59075 Hamm, Germany 
Phone: +49 2381 482050 
Fax: +49 2381 4820517 
Web: www.hauschild-speedmixer.com
eMail: m.boccola@hauschild-speedmixer.com