Suitable accessories for the SpeedMixer™

To help the customers obtaining the best results with their SpeedMixer™, Hauschild Engineering continuously works on the research and development of accessories.

Custom made adapters have been designed to allow our customers mixing in a wide range of small and large containers such as polypropylene jars, syringes, cartridges, glass bottles and customizes containers. Our solutions allow hosting single and multiple mixing containers.

We are pleased to help you finding the best suitable accessories for your SpeedMixer™.

Depending on the mixing weight and filling volume, different cups are available for your SpeedMixer™. All mixing cups can be used as disposable systems. Hauschild offers also different colors, transparent, white and black jars suitable for photosensitive material. The most commonly used jars are made of polypropylene due to his high resistance to the temperature and the low chemical reactivity.

The cup holders are made of the light and chemical resistant material polyoxymethylene (POM). For an existing cup system, individual holder systems are requested after consultation.

Article NumberDescriptionOptimal filling quantity
1000006077Cup PP1500-1500ml, white
1000005263Cup PP1500-1500ml, transparent
1000005237Cup PP300L-1000ml, white250 – 600 g
1000005239Cup PP300L-1000ml, transparent250 - 600g
1000005245Cup PP300-750ml, white130 - 450g
1000005249Cup PP300-750ml, transparent130 - 450g
1000005254Cup PP250-500ml, white100–250g
1000005258Cup PP250-500ml, transparent100-250g
1000005063Cup PP100L-250ml, white
1000005066Cup PP100L-250ml, transparent
1000007711Cup PP100-185ml, white55 - 105g
1000005064Cup PP100-185ml, transparent55 - 105g
1000005072Cup PP50L-125ml, white
1000010959Cup PP50L-125ml, transparent
1000005069Cup PP50-90ml, white25 - 65g
1000005073Cup PP50-90ml, transparent25 - 65g
1000005078Cup PP30-60ml, white15 - 55g
1000005082Cup PP30-60ml, transparent15 - 55g
1000005087Cup PP15-25ml, white5 - 20g
1000005091Cup PP15-25ml, transparent5 - 20g
1000005096Cup PP10-12ml, white2 - 8g
1000005100Cup PP10-12ml, transparent2 - 8g
1000005105Cup PP5-6ml, white2 - 5g
1000005108Cup PP5-6ml, transparent2 - 5g

The SpeedMixer™ have been designed to be used also with cartridges and syringes.

Both can be used with customized holder in the complete range of SpeedMixer™.

The cartridge holders are made of lightweight, chemical-resistant polyoxymethylene (POM).

Article NumberDescription
1000009721Holder 150 Aluminium can 65x65/65x85
1000005039Holder 150 PP100 
1000005049Holder 150 PP10
1000005043Holder 150 PP100 conductive
1000005048Holder 150 PP15
1000005046Holder 150 PP30
1000005053Holder 150 PP5
1000005045Holder 150 PP50 
1000005176Holder 250 PP100
1000005178Holder 250 PP150
1000005179Adapter 250 DAC 150 Holder
1000005213Holder 400 PP100 
1000005212Holder 400-600 PP250 
1000005209Holder 400-600 PP300 
1000005223Holder 400-600 PP10
1000005220Holder 400-600 PP15
1000005217Holder 400-600 PP30
1000005215Holder 400-600 PP50
1000005230Holder 400-600 PP150
1000008147Holder 400-800 Aluminium can 65x65/85
1000005235Holder 400-800 Aluminium can 100x102
1000005388Holder 600-800 PP30
1000005386Holder 600-800 PP50
1000005384Holder 600-800 PP100
1000005383Holder 600-800 PP150
1000005382Holder 600-800 PP250
1000003351Holder 600-800 PP300
1000005508Holder 800 PP50
1000005509Holder 800 PP250
1000007704Holder 1100 Aluminium can 65x65/65x85
1000009276Holder 1100 PP50
1000005013Holder 1100 PP100
1000006004Holder 1100 PP250
1000005012Holder 1100 PP300
1000005010Holder 1100 PP300 Lid lock
1000005011Holder 1100 PP300L Lid lock

Hauschild engineering has developed a special tool when mixing in syringes and cartridges is not possible.

The LeverPress can transfer the mixed product into syringes and cartridges without altering the homogeneity and without injecting air-bubbles.

We will be happy to advise you on filling quantities, viscosities and machine types.

An optional steel stand is available for the SpeedMixer™ series DAC 400 to DAC 1100. The SpeedMixer™ is positioned on the stand at a user-friendly working height and with sufficient storage space for accessories. The fixable rolls guarantee an optimal and horizontal position of the SpeedMixer™.

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